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Lamar Kennard is somewhat of a hometown celebrity. He started his career in the music industry as a
DJ, playing popular recorded tunes for night clubs and events. According to Lamar, the music business
runs in cycles. “Sometimes the trend is for DJs, other times it’s for live music. I’m now doing live music

because it’s where the action is,” he explains.

Lamar Live Entertainment  is a full-house, one-stop shop for music and entertainment productions. Lamar and his team
are behind the scenes at local events like the Bel Air Barbecue Bash, local concerts, and outdoor festivals. Lamar says he supports audio/video needs at functions that simply require staging and sound systems, as well as national celebrity acts that have full lighting, staging, and sound requirements. His clients range from local bands and politicians to international Grammy nominees. “We provide support for every size venue,” he says. “It’s different every week, and that’s what I love about it.”

Lamar says his business grew primarily by word-of-mouth. People would recommend Lamar Live Entertainment  to
others and soon he had a burgeoning portfolio of clients. While he consistently uses the best “gear” in

the industry, including brand names like DiGiCo, JBL, Crown and Soundcraft,  Lamar attributes his success

to his attention to detail and his treatment of clients. “I try to treat everyone as if they are the most

important person to me,” he says. “I also stay on site at an event until I know everything is working

properly. My team doesn’t just set-up and go after one sound check. We make the client feel

comfortable that everything will work properly for the entire event.”

The stage, sound, and lighting systems provided by Lamar Live Entertainment are custom-designed for the venue’s size and acoustics. The company works with clients to understand the event goals, then recommends the

right equipment – from best value audio system to properly designed lighting packages in order to achieve the optimal A/V experience. In addition, Lamar says lighting packages can add extra dramatic
effects to an event. He can provide LED lights, moving lights, and trusses supported by a software-based lighting control program for impressive light shows. His most recent equipment addition is a mobile concert stage, ideal for outdoor festivals and events.

Look behind the scenes at the next local music event, and you may find Lamar cheerfully placing audio
cables or doing sound checks. He’ll be smiling broadly, because, he says, “When you do what you love,
then it’s not a job. I love music. It makes me happy.”

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